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There are two shows Carl and I want to see at The Trocadero in Philadelphia in March. It's going to save us $36.30 if we take Megabus up there and purchase the tickets at the box office versus using TicketMaster. That's including bus fare.

So guess what we're going to do :) Any suggestions for what to do in Philly on a random Saturday??
I haven't posted since Snow-Em-Gee in February O_o

This has been an eventful freakin' year. Four weddings and a funeral... although I missed the funeral/wake because I was sick. Bachelorette parties, bridal showers... Trips to NYC and Florida, new found love of folk metal... Finishing school, quitting my job, starting a new one...

So since February...

March 2010
Went to Atlantic City for Ashley's "Pseudo-Bachelorette" party because even though the 5th wedding (i.e., hers) was called off, there was no reason to skip the bachelorette party (it was even more appropriate to have it, really). Had a blast at the Tropicana while being amazed at the skankitude observed despite the freezing weather (no skanks in our party of course).

May 2010
Saw Lacuna Coil (fronted by my goddess Cristina Scabbia) at the Recher Theater, all the way up front :)

June 2010
Curtis and Megan's wedding was the first of the four... good times and certainly the most conveniently located of all of them! Then Tecia's bachelorette party in DC at the Legwarmers show, a fantastic 80s cover band

July 2010
This was the busiest month...
Tecia and Greg's wedding extravaganza in Stone Harbor, NJ... really felt like a rockstar wedding and it sooooo perfectly matched their personalities. They won my award for "Best Wedding Pictures" of the bunch. Then we went to Evangeline and Eric's wedding, really great to see them and lots of former coworkers... Then we saw Fear Factory at Recher Theater and THEN we saw The Colbert Report up in NYC, which was a great experience

August 2010
Sarah's bachelorette party including tapas, improv comedy, and karaoke, awesome time! Then Chris and Sarah's AMAZING wedding and rehearsal dinner at A SUMMER CAMP, soooo much fun and truly unforgettable. Felt really honored to read with Carl at their wedding, a perfect little book called A Lovely Love Story.

September 2010
This was when school started and thus my life evaporated :( Still enjoyed my birthday festivities in the Harbor :D

October 2010
Went to NYC and saw Avenue Q and The Daily Show AND The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers at the Radio city Music Hall with the score performed by a LIVE orchestra - three uniquely AWESOME events. Did Drink around the World for the... 4th year? Always a blast... and visited the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios... there are just no words for how awesome it was. The sad part was finding out that my former coworker Monique was dying, then finding out a couple days later that she died :( I had just seen her maybe a month before that and we talked about how her parakeet Chewy had died, I loved how she would imitate his squawks.

November 2010
busy busy busy with school, ugh... quit my social work career on November 1st! it was the only way I could finish school

December 2010
FINISHED school with two A's and an A-... and got a programming job at CareFirst which I started on Monday!

I feel extremely blessed to have had such an awesome 2010!


Have any of you seen Moon yet? Really directing this question at argh_jim :) It's very good, amazed that Phillip K Dick wasn't responsible for the story (heavily influenced it though)

oh man, an 8 months absence

I just don't have anything to talk about :b I get really bored talking about myself. You know that "25 things about me" thing on Facebook? Yeah I could hardly get to 10 cuz it was so boring. Speaking of that, it's been easy to neglect LJ because of FB... more people use it and it's easier to share info with everyone. And I haven't even glanced at MySpace in ages.

Still, I continue to read LJ regularly... I just don't post or comment much.

Well... I could post about this toy that's coming out later this year called MindFlex. Has anyone heard of it?? You put headphones on and concentrate on a little ball, and the harder you concentrate the faster a fan spins which levitates the ball. Then you can try to get it through hoops and stuff. What I REALLY want it for is to take it to work, turn it on while I work and see how hard that job makes me think. Would the ball rise above my cubicle?? Would it never move? I really don't know.

The wedding in Clearwater

I should post about Dan and Mindy's wedding (finally). Well about the trip in generalCollapse )

San Diego

Here's the review of our trip... might add pictures later

San Diego was awesome… this very detailed account of our trip is mostly for my reference but feel free to read about it :) Wow it’s 3.5 pages long in MS Word on 10 font!
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Overall impressions of San Diego:
1) The weather was extremely temperate (highs in the 60’s, lows in the upper 50’s), but not particularly sunny. The realtor said SD gets “Gray May” and “June Gloom” so maybe we just chose the wrong time of year to visit. I still really enjoyed the “hoodie weather” and I was only cold on one windy morning.
2) The people are pretty cool and down-to-earth. No bad attitudes or rudeness.
3) There are a bazillion homeless people downtown!! I suppose if I were homeless, I’d rather be in SD where the weather hardly changes. They seemed to be crazier than Baltimore homeless people too… lots more random shouting, staring off into space, and more bizarre contents of shopping carts. And hardly any of them panhandled. I wonder if SD has stricter laws about that sort of thing.
4) It’s true that we didn’t see any areas that are as rough as the worst parts of Baltimore City (no boarded up blocks) but City Heights is still mighty rough. I just can’t bear the thought of living somewhere with bars on the windows. It’s like jail. The elementary school there had barbed wire too… looked like a penitentiary.
5) I just hope we get to live in Hillcrest one day. But I’ll take University Heights or the nicer part of North Park. We horribly regret retracting our bid on the HUD home now cuz the location was perfect :(
6) The public transit is excellent. Buses arrived on schedule, trolleys and buses were nice and clean. People in the san_diego community bitch about it a lot but I don’t see what’s the problem.
7) Downtown doesn’t feel much different from Baltimore. It’s very business oriented during the day, and basically dead at night. The Gaslamp Quarter felt like Federal Hill or Canton only larger, busier, and a little more upscale. The residential areas are the most different parts, mainly because there are no long rows of tall townhouses. Just lots of short, squat houses and condo buildings.
8) Can’t wait to go back!!

A little optimism

After a singularly horrible work week, I think it's time to post some happy things:

1) There is a purring kitty in my lap
2) I'm going to see Carl play keyboards with Tim Kaye tonight at Fletcher's
3) I saw .click. play at Fletcher's on Monday. It was the first show they played in like 5 years. They sounded pretty horrible but I was just happy to see them again. Carl and I had to argue with the doorman to let us in because they were already violating the fire code (290 people upstairs, can you imagine??)
4) I'm going to see the Egg Babies play at the Ottobar tomorrow night
5) I'm going to see Ministry play at Ram's Head Live on April 26, but with my Burton from Fear Factory on vocals. Should be interesting.
6) I'm going to SAN DIEGO from May 6 to May 13!!! Gonna check out all the little neighborhoods I've been researching for real estate. We're going to stay at the Westin which is basically the lap of luxury... courtesy of Paul's forever fabulous Sheraton discount
7) Mark is visiting in May. And today is his birthday! Although it is no longer April 4 where he lives (in London)
8) I'm going to Clearwater Beach from June 26 to June 29 for Dan and Mindy's wedding
9) Strawberries are in season
10) Something Awful did a Photoshop Phriday of A Day at the Science Fair which made my stomach hurt it was so funny
11) I'm in love with Rich (hey, today's his day! Four four!) and even more in love with his cat Winston.
12) I'm going to see Disturbed and Machine Head in August
13) I've been playing a lot of Griddlers... they're difficult but they're a great way to kill time and I feel like a freakin genius when I complete one of the puzzles


As a follow up to my post about the sheer incompetence of Dell... it's only getting worse. Read more...Collapse )
I'm like all set to sue them for millions of dollars at this point because this is so ridiculous. I'm DEFINITELY going to post this everywhere I possibly can to try to prevent any poor souls from buying a Dell and potentially going through this shit.